These are some images from a point-and-click adventure game I was working on for a bit, that has since been pushed to the back-burner. 

Taking place in a very stereotypical RPG starter forest, you could chose between three different characters, each with their own moral alignment and objective:


  • A hermit who lives in a cabin, who tries to prevent RPG parties from wiping out the rats in battle, effecting the local ecosystem (plus who wants to come across rat corpses on their morning walks?). They don't like conflict though, so they try to avoid being seen.


  • The rats, who represent those super basic RPG enemies for level 1 novice players. They're trying to avoid the heroic parties that grind in the forest, but they also want to kill the hermit who has a key that unlocks a nearby treasure. They're evil rats, after all.


  • A warrior leading a heroic party determined to wipe out the Big Bad that's probably going to destroy the world unless they get to level 50 and the best gear asap. They're determined to kill all rats they can find so they'll gain enough exp to win in the upcoming boss fight.