Naughton Hippodrome

I had planned on making a grand entryway for my horse racing stadium for quite some time. I wanted it to be over the top, as if it was trying desperately to overcompensate for what is (in this world) a somewhat outdated pastime; a hobby with lots of money but well past its prime. When I recalled the “hippodrome”, it was so perfect in my mind that the owner of the establishment be a hippo.

In the scene there’s two things I’m pleased with, that might not be fully noticed on first glance:

First is the tools, paint, and generally rough foundational walls/floors. This hippodrome has been in disuse for decades, but has (very) recently been renovated to start a new age of horse racing. Basically, the paint is still wet.

Second is the many horseshoe details I tried to include (basically every combination of arches and circles that I included). The more obvious horse details, such as the chubby fountains, are also favourites. :)