Naughton Lowtown

This is a little snippet of the first scene in Lower Naughton, one of the starting areas of the game. While it looks like a small island area here, it’s actually just one little building in a scene with a few other locations; the lefthand bridge that trails off here continues on to the rest of Lowtown. I finished this bit first though and wanted to share it while working on the rest.

The hardest part of this was easily figuring out how to differentiate between the different types of stone. Naughton is meant to be a struggling maritime town built upon the rubble after a great battle. I wanted there to be distinct variety in the structures: ruined stone walls, shabby wooden supports, and new stonework.

I like the composition so much that I’ll probably leave it like this for now, and then add a new post for when the rest of the scene is complete. Also I’m super pleased with how these NPCs turned out. Click the below thumbnails for more detail.