Naughton Lowtown (Full)

Here’s the final-ish scene of Naughton-Lowtown-1 (as named in Unity - there’s another part to “Lowtown Naughton”). I’m pretty happy with how it all turned out, and still plan on adding some dynamic lighting eventually. The foreground and background are separated so players can pass behind buildings and objects to their heart’s content, so that’s good enough for me at this point.

While this is part of the town and won’t have any planned battles, I still want to make everything adhere to a grid layout so it could be used for battles. The different elevations and bottleneck areas could make for some fun strategies in combat, for sure.

I also completely love the NPCs I’ve added. Probably the most looming part of this is coming up with a good pun for the pub’s name, but it’ll come eventually.

I’ve added a few detail shots below, as well as some progress sketches where I was planning out the layouts - click on the thumbnails to expand them. :)

full lowtown1 larger.png