Naughton Chapel

This is the chapel-lighthouse in Naughton which features in my game. It holds significance to me as it’s related to the very first game character I designed: a little priest toucan you haven’t met yet, but he’s looking forward to meeting you. :)

I also really like the chapel because of it’s strong thematic design. In the past few generations, countless shipwrecks have washed up on Naughton’s shore, by a source that has… yet to be identified. The ruins of these ships have been used to build this chapel, and you can see their incorporation in various elements: the wooden plank walls, the draping tapestries (which were once flags), the steering wheel rose window, and the anchors in the window frames. The building’s purpose is both spiritual and practical as a lighthouse, as candles are lit in order to guide all souls, living and departed back to Naughton’s coast. While the windows are small, they shine bright from miles around, through the thickest fog. I hope you stop by and visit when you play.

hdsjkhfdsjfh-Recovered-Recovered copy.png