Here's some art from (another) game that has been pushed to the side for now. 

The premise was that you were a figure in a mosaic at the top of a castle's library tower. When an outside battle damages the tower, you fall from the ceiling into an open book. As a mosaic person, you're unable to speak the "book language"... at first. By interacting with the world and blindly navigating dialogue options (and observing the after effects of your actions), you begin to gain basic words in your vocabularity. You can then use these words to form basic phrases that you could ask NPCs, gradually developing a fluency in this language across the game. 

It's an ambitious idea in terms of both gameplay and style; from the screenshots here you can see that there's three different styles: the real world, the mosaic world, and the painterly manuscript world. It's definitely something I wouldn't mind revisiting after current work. Just working with Spine in Unity was a real treat, and I'd like to play around more in it. 

Click on the thumbnails below to see things in more detail.